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Additional Services

  •  Create your Legacy of Love course:

Do you worry that the legacy you leave behind may not reflect the very best of who you are?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create your Legacy of Love so that in 6 weeks or less, you will sleep peacefully knowing you have set yourself and your loved ones up to thrive!

This is a 7-part live course taught by Catherine Turner, End-of-Life Planning Facilitator.  Among other things, you will 

- Lessen the Household Headaches: Identify what must be done to remove profound burdens for loved ones after you've gone.

- Determine Your Life and Death Values: Discover what these are, then create your living will.

- Look After the Legals: Get your Will, Powers of Attorney and other critical documents finally done!

- Understand Your Digital Estate and Finances: The key elements to keeping both these areas simple and organized, so those coming after you have the least amount of hassle.

- Decide Details Concerning Your Body and Your Celebration: Understand your options and decide how to have things planned your way!

- Write Your Own Eulogy: Discover why this step is massively important and how this helps you to live your best life now!

Imagine the calm you’ll feel knowing you’ll be leaving your family in the best place possible, having removed decision-making burdens that often cause family conflict, as well as making your final wishes clear.  

This program is available on an individual ($697) or group basis (contact us for pricing).  

The guide and workbook, "Create A Legacy of Love" is a part of the materials used for this program, and is included for FREE, along with all other necessary materials.  


  • Workshops: "Tell Your Story Your Way (A Eulogy-Writing Experience)"  2 hours via Zoom.  $57 per person for a minimum group of 6. 

(Currently available live in CO and surrounding states) - Ideal for any size group of age 50+  - contact us for pricing based on large group size. ORDER NOW!

  • Training:  Learn how to conduct your own workshops. 

  • Let us customize a "Create a Legacy of Love" book with your own branding, for your organization.  This book is an amazing value-add for Estate Planners, Life Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, Hospice, Health Care, Elder Care, Home Health and more!

  • Allow us to offer this book as part of your organization’s Wellness Program.  Includes a workshop for your employees and/or a series of workshops, customized for your needs.  

Contact us for pricing information! 

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