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Catherine Turner
End-of-Life Planning Facilitator, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur 
Catherine Turner is also mom to two young adults & lives in the Denver area.  She is passionate about teaching others, via her program "The Before I Go Solution", podcasts, social media, and workshops, how to create their legacies of love.  When not busy doing that, she can be found walking her dog, hanging out with her daughter, chatting with a friend over a glass of wine, cooking dinner with her boyfriend, planning her next trip, or playing the occasional game of poker. 

Catherine's Zoom interview with Danette, former Oprah producer. Learn more about the details of Catherine's book "Create a Legacy of Love".

"I want the book to work for you, and it won’t if you don’t do your homework.  Please schedule a 15-30 minute free consultation with me so I can get you started on the right track!"

Listen to Catherine's interview on Wealth Academy Podcast - Wealth Is More Than Just Money with Paul Lawrence Vann


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Listen to Catherine talk to Judy Mandel on her podcast "Affliction & Resilience", where it gets personal!

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