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Create Your Legacy of Love 7-week course

A step-by-step course in which Catherine Turner will take you through the processes of preparation one step at a time, live but virtual, from the comfort of your home. "Create A Legacy of Love" will be included free-of-charge as it will also serve as your workbook.  Also included is a binder of additional resources and materials.  

We will cover each step with enough time for you to complete your actions, so that at the end of it, you will feel the peace that comes from being prepared.  You will feel more at ease with the idea of death, and you will have opened up conversations with loved ones that are simply priceless.  The time, the money and the energy that this process will save you is astounding.  

We will spend approx 45-60 minutes together once a week for 7 weeks on Zoom.

The homework you have each week will be fulfilling and rewarding. You will have personal access to Catherine for questions over email and by phone or Zoom for those 7 weeks. 

A 15-minute exploration phone call will be the first step, to understand what you have done, if anything, toward end-of-life planning.  

Once we begin, we will solidify your reasons, your big WHY for getting this planning complete.  We start with writing your own eulogy to get you into the right mindset for the rest of the steps.  We will then move on to lessening the household headaches, of which there are a few. We will discuss “death cleaning”. We will then determine your life and death values so we can then create your advance medical directive. We will look after the legals, getting your will, your powers of attorney, appointment of an executor and all other documents finally done! We will then move into your digital estate and your financials, simplifying and organizing both of these areas so those coming after you have the least amount of hassles to deal with. After that, we will discuss many options and you will decide what you want done with your body, what kind of end-of-life ritual you’d like ( and how to save lots of money over standard funeral costs), and what songs you want played, as well as much more!


Create Your Legacy of Love 7-week course

  • If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the program, before week 3, we will refund your money in it's entirety.  

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