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The Most Important Book That Isn't on Your Shelf

This is the ultimate gift of love to your family and friends.  
We have a critical responsibility to our beloved to prepare them for the time when we are no longer going to be here.  


We have an opportunity to give them a profound helping hand during their journey of grief as they face the rest of their lives without us.  


There are an overwhelming amount of decisions to be made immediately following a devastating loss, which can batter the survivors.


This book is a workbook and guide, which you will fill out with all the answers to your loved ones' possible questions.  It can eliminate all the stress and angst, easing their burden at a critical time in their life.


Failing to plan and provide this basic information virtually always creates family conflict when it could easily be avoided.


Think of this as the tool to protect and preserve your family and friends.  It will be effortless once you understand just what a necessary gift of love it truly is and how grateful your loved ones will be for it.  

"In life, be bold, be courageous, leave no stone unturned.  In death, be thorough, be specific, be a blessing!"

-Catherine L. Turner


Reasons your loved ones will thank you!


Things your loved ones need to know!


Things you haven't
even thought of (that you'll be glad you did)!

Uncover in these pages....

  • Why it is imperative to empower your loved ones with the ability to carry out decisions even when others oppose.

  • When and how to talk to your loved ones, especially aging parents, about the value of putting their own wishes in writing, so that you can carry them out when needed.

  • Understand why we fear death, that we live in a death denial culture and why we must "get over it".

  • ​Understand the differences between what is written in your formal will and what you are recording in these pages. 

  • Guidance to write your own obituary and eulogy so that you can be remembered exactly as you'd like to be.

  • Provide a literal checklist of things that need to happen once you die.

  • ​Learn what is in your digital estate and why it is necessary to take care of it.

  • Why being prepared is the most loving thing you can do RIGHT NOW to ensure your family's strength and well-being.

  • ​.....and so much more!

What Experts Are Saying...


Why is now the best time to get prepared?

Life can change in an instant!  Will you leave behind chaos? Or guidance?  Don’t wait to get your copy of Create A Legacy of Love!

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"End of life is never an easy process, especially for those left behind.  By providing memories/answers to families/friends, acceptance of loss may be eased knowing a loved one cared enough to leave a legacy behind.  Bravo, Catherine, for creating a book to help heal the wounds of bereavement!"


– Jay Crandall, co-author of Letting Purpose & Passion Drive Your Marriage


This Book Just Works!

It's rare to find such honest and straightforward advice in such an accessible format!  This book just works!"


– Charlotte Canion, author of You Have to Laugh to Keep from Crying


This Solves Many Problems!

" Wow! This book really drives home the significant value and importance of getting our own and our loved ones' wishes in writing.  This one act will solve so many potential problems!"


– Patsy Chia, author of Burden No More


The Ultimate Gift of Love!

"A MUST for anyone who wants to leave behind the ultimate gift of love!"


– Meor Amer Reza, author of The Greatest Gift


Why is now the best time to get prepared?

Life can change in an instant!  

Will you leave behind chaos? Or guidance?  Don’t wait to get your copy of Create A Legacy of Love!

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